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Step One Thoughts & Memories
Ralph J, Northboro, MA.
I wrote a couple of articles for Nora R when she lived in Massachusetts, and produced Recovery Way. When she asked me to write something on Step 1 for her website, I immediately said, "Yes." I guess I am powerless over saying "No". Fortunately, I also recognize that I am powerless over alcohol which is what the first part of Step 1 is all about.

The HOW of the program (Honest, Open-minded and Willing) is often a topic for discussion. The three letters are for the first three Steps. In order to admit I am powerless over anything, honesty is required. That is why the letter H identifies with Step 1. Honesty is very, very difficult for some things, but is easy for others. For years my wife was unhappy with me because of my drinking and what an ogre it made of me. I knew I had a problem with alcohol, but I did not believe I was an alcoholic because I was not like my father. Finally, she told me I must do something about my drinking or leave the house. I was driven to a detox facility nearby. After a few days there I picked up the medical chart at the end of my bed and it said "Acute Alcoholism". At that moment I knew what my problem was, which was a moment of honesty for me. I could clearly see that although I never intended to get drunk I always did. The evidence was too powerful to deny. I couldn't be dishonest about that any more.


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