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Authors Corner

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Where we're Coming From

One day I was just surfing around the internet when all the sudden it struck me: Go see if there's a web site called recoveryway. Some friends and I had published a magazine by that name back in the early 90's. It was for, by and about people in 12 Step Recovery. When I checked and double checked and found that the web address was available,
I was overwhelmed! I've put up web sites before and know that just about every meaningful phrase or word is taken. I couldn't believe our old magazine name was there for the taking. I took it as a sign that it was meant to be - that there should be a web site with that name.

At first I thought I'd just put the old magazine up on the web site, but it quickly occurred to me that the internet offers much more in the way of dynamic and interactive capabilities than a magazine does. It could reach a much bigger audience than we did too. There could be stories and articles from all over the world. We could have a discussion forum for people to keep up with each other and discuss recovery issues on an ongoing basis. Gee! There were all kinds of possibilities.

And so was born. Its basic goals are much the same as the original magazine—to provide a forum for sharing 12 Step experience, strength and hope, whether that is within a given program or across several programs. Many of us find ourselves working the Steps from a number of perspectives as the years go on. This is a place to share those efforts, thoughts and ideas through whatever ways we decide we want to.

Right now we have Articles & Stories, Wit & Wisdom and Art & Poetry just like the magazine did. The magazine also had a column called Counselor's Corner, where we had articles from addictions therapists on recovery issues . . . and we could have that again. The Discussion Board is a new capability which I hope will be used. It would be fun to hear from everyone and get to know each other.

What we'd Like From You
Most of all we want you to feel welcome here and to come back often. Please use the discussion forum or any of the "contact us" links to let us know what you think. Help spread the word about the site. You can click here to get a letter explaining what this site is about and to forward to your friends.

If you've got stories to share, we'd love to hear from you. We'll be putting up stories from the magazine, but the best ones will come from you because they'll reflect the experience, strength and hope of recovery today. We'd like to receive and publish poetry and art as well as contributions to the Wit & Wisdom column. If you have something that speaks from the heart, please take the time to send it in. This site is just another way to "Pass it On." Many of us are fortunate to have active lives that include lots of face-to-face meetings, but if we're sick, housebound or otherwise unable to get to enough meetings, sites like this one offer an important way of continuing to serve and to be part of the 12 Step fellowship.

We'd like your ideas and enthusiasm! This web site can grow into pretty much anything we decide we want to have. Should we give out sobriety chips in the discussion forum? Should we bring back the Conselor's Column? Where do you think we should go with this site? Please let us know!

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